No way!

So I'm watching the season premiere of America's Next Top Model. It took me about a half hour to realize it but I definitely went to school with one of the 13 finalists. Her name is Jael. We were both at Gibson School for the Gifted for my 5th grade, her 6th grade, year. I remembered her mom being African-American and her dad being German after she mentioned it during casting and her voice hasn't changed a bit. I know who I'm rooting for! And to share the love, here's the link to her profile for the show --
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My schedule rearranged

I withdrew from Topology but not Math Capstone. In place of Topology I signed up for Beginning Golf and Intermediate Swimming so that I could still be a full-time student and stay on my dad's insurance. My parents are fully aware of the situation and actually encouraged me to sign up for the PED classes. I always wanted to learn how to play golf and the swimming will be welcome exercise. Both of these classes are on Mondays and Wednesdays and are an hour apart. This will give me time to return my clubs to the checkout and get dressed for swimming without feeling rushed.

Now I'm getting annoyed

I can't get a hold of my wife. She's supposed to take care of my hamsters while I'm home for Winter Break. I'm leaving for home tomorrow around noon. In other words, my hamsters should already be at her place, but they aren't. I've called her quite a few times and she ignoring my AIM messages. If I don't get a hold of her tonight you better believe I'll be pounding on her door tomorrow morning after my plasma appointment.
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IM dodgeball is now a farce

Thanks to some ridiculous new rules that were put into place, I officially hate dodgeball to a point where I have decided to write a letter of complaint to the IM sports coordinator. Here's what it says:

Dear IM sports coordinator:

I am personally appalled by the new rules for IM dodgeball. The new guidelines for this prison concept are the biggest disgrace to the ideal of sport I have ever witnessed. The fact that I can be hit in the back by an opponent standing behind me in my own territory is disgusting. This goes against the very fundamentals of life. Just as you never shot a man in the back in the wild west of the 1800’s, one should not be allowed to hurl a dodgeball into anyone’s back.

The rule that allows someone who should be out of the game to catch a ball while in prison in order to get back in is also ridiculous. If you happen to get a tall opponent out of the match it is only a matter of seconds before one of their teammates hurls a ball toward the back wall and that person is back in the game. This rule favors the tall, and, being 5 feet 2 inches tall, it disgusts me that I am at such a disadvantage, especially when we can’t even try to prevent it.

The fact that balls that hit walls being live is preposterous. If that remains a rule, one may as well add that a ball that hits the floor is still live. In which case, one would never be able to touch a ball again. As you can hopefully deduce, this concept is ludicrous.

Another thing I do not appreciate is the officials. If I get nailed in the chest by a ball going 60 mph I do not need an official to laugh at me and yell, “OUT!” I’m well aware of when I am out and when I’m not. If I appear to not be heading toward prison after being hit then and only then are officials welcome to point out that I was hit. Otherwise, I do not appreciate being and will not allow myself to be patronized.

Also, the officials’ idea of a headshot is severely distorted. Last year I was hit in the face by a ball thrown very hard. The only damage that was inflicted upon me was a tiny cut on each side of my nose. My opponent was called out, but that was usually the only time one was called out for a headshot – if they actually hit someone in the head. However, this year if one even throws a ball within a foot of someone’s head they are called out. I think this is ridiculous. I have never played softball or baseball and, therefore, do not have much control over where I throw a ball if trying to hurl it as quickly as possible while officials count down the seconds I hold it. I think as long as people are not actually hitting others in the head, they should be allowed to keep playing.

I believe that the rules that were in place for IM dodgeball last year should be reinstated and all new rules be abolished. These new rules are squelching my enjoyment of the game as well as the integrity of the game itself. I also believed that the paid officials of these games need to attend a workshop on how not to patronize people and be informed as to what exactly a headshot is. If you have any questions for me or would like to discuss these issues with me further, my contact information can be found at the bottom of this page.

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Driving lesson #2

Blue: Me, truckin down the sidewalk
Red: Car wanting to pull out of a business onto Mission
Purple: People driving on Mission

The lesson - Regardless of which way you want to go, if you see this many cars on the road you want to turn onto as I'm approaching, STAY THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY! And if you didn't see me coming, LOOK BOTH FUCKING WAYS BEFORE PULLING INTO A SIDEWALK! From now on, if I have to slow down and/or stop, and especially if I have to get off my bike, to navigate around your car I will make you as unhappy as you made me. I will have a key in hand, ready to leave a nice size scratch along the back of your vehicle.

Have a nice day.

A lesson in driving

OK PEOPLE! I am so damn sick of people not knowing how to drive around here. I will not be killed while riding my bike! So pay attention:

Blue: Me on my bike and my desired movements
Purple: Car wanting to turn left off Mission onto Broomfield
Red: Car wanting to turn right off Broomfield onto Mission

The lesson - If Purple is turning left, Red can turn right. DO NOT FUCKING WAIT UNTIL I HAVE THE WALK SIGNAL TO MAKE YOUR GOD DAMN RIGHT TURN!

That is all. Thank you.

I will never forget

It seemed like any other Tuesday. I was sitting in my third, and favorite, class of the day. Mr. Penski was teaching AP Calculus with his usual amount of enthusiasm, a lot of it. Suddenly Mr. Alalouf, one of the assistant principals, comes into the room and pulls Mr. Penski aside. When the conversation was over, Mr. Penski closed the door. Something was wrong. The last time I could remember teachers being instructed to close the doors to their classrooms was a few months prior, when a couple of idiots phoned in a fake bomb threat in an effort to skip their last couple classes. Third period ended and I headed up to my AP American Government class. That's when I learned what had happened. We spent that entire class period watching one of the 20 or so TV channels that were covering the story. Two planes had crashed into the World Trade Center. Two other planes had been hijacked in an effort to take out the capital, one of which managed to hit the Pentagon.

Fortunately for me, I did not know anyone in the towers or on any of the flights that came to horrible ends. But even so, I will never forget that day.

Fantasy football draft

Here's my draft for all you sports fans to examine and critique:

I would like to point out the following:
1) I did not draft Reggie Bush.
2) I did not waste early picks on TE, DEF, and K.
3) I compiled my picks only an hour before draft time. I blame any mistakes on a lack of research.
4) I didn't draft Favre. Damn NE and GB having the same bye week!
5) I reluctantly took a Lion. Of course, Pollard is my backup TE.